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Super Bowl parade 2013: Ray Lewis has his own hummer

The Ravens are arriving at M&T Bank Stadium.


After a long delay due to traffic, the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl parade is finally underway. The parade was initially set to begin around 10:45 a.m., but was unable to start until noon. Players are reportedly en route from City Hall to M&T Bank Stadium in military trucks. Ray Lewis is apparently riding in his own camouflage hummer, because of course.

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Ed Reed is taking a more no-nonsense approach. He was spotted walking along the parade route, giving fans the opportunity to reach out and touch the Lombardi Trophy. Reed is in for interesting offseason, but at the moment his impending free agency is apparently one of the last things on his mind:

Outside of the early delay, the event seems to be going without a hitch. The celebration will continue at M&T Bank Stadium, which has already been filled to capacity.

For the latest updates and pictures, Twitter is your best bet. Good streams to follow include @Ravens, @yvonnewenger, @RectorSun and @MattCLund. The Baltimore Sun also has photos from the parade and the latest Tweets.