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Joe Flacco And The Above Average Joe's

Quarterbacks named Joe seem to fair well in the NFL. It is a great name.


Congratulations Ravens fans! The Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl 47 Champions! It was a great and exciting game to watch. The Super Bowl has become a platform where the next generation of elite quarterbacks are made. If you saw my first fanpost on Baltimore Beat Down you'd notice I wasn't ready to call Flacco elite just yet. I'm still not, but he's on his way.

Legacies are made in the Super Bowl. While I don't agree this is how it should be, it's true. This is what the game has become. Every year a new quarterback is elected into elite status. Last year it was Eli Manning with his second Super Bowl in four seasons. His first Super Bowl saved his job. Eli Manning isn't an elite quarterback statistically. He managed to win two Super Bowl due to great late quarterback play, some luck (Tyree helmet catch), and an amazing front four.

Joe is a pretty great name if I do say so myself. Two of the most known quarterbacks in NFL history are named Joe in Joe Namath and Joe Montana. Namath made himself into one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play be declaring the Jets would beat the Colts in Super Bowl III. His statistics aren't Hall of Fame caliber, but the guys a legend because of the Super Bowl. Joe Montana is, in my opinion, the greatest Quarterback of all-time. That's because of his amazing numbers. Montana's perfect 4-0 Super Bowl record is just a bonus for my case.

Yesterday Flacco made his case to be considered the next great Joe. He certainly had one of the greatest playoff runs of all-time. Flacco threw 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions over the course of this Championship run. The 11 touchdowns tied Joe Montana and Kurt Warner for the most touchdowns in a post-season. Only Montana was able to not throw a single interception while also accomplishing this amazing feat. If I had to rank it I'd put him second behind Montana only because Montana did it in one less game. Then again it's one less game to throw a pick. It all depends on your perception. Go nuts with this debate in the comments if you want.

It's too early to decide the fate of Joe Flacco's career. His story still has much to be told. Flacco did say he plans on being a Raven for life. That just means there is more games to be played. Nothing is a given in football. That's the beauty of the sport. The game can giveth and taketh away so quickly. Flacco seems resilient in proving his doubters wrong. I guess those people like me who want even more out of him will motivate him to be great.

No matter what though this will be a main part of Flacco's legacy. The first Super Bowl always is. In a year where Flacco declared himself the best quarterback in the NFL he's the last one standing. That's remarkable. Flacco certainly shows qualities similar to the legendary Joe's. His before season declaration of being the best quarterback is similar to Namath declaring a Super Bowl victory. Then the playoff run was similar to Montana.

If this success continues Flacco will be the next legendary Joe.