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Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Studs and Duds

Who showed up on the games biggest stage and who was a let-down.


Well seeing as how the Baltimore Ravens managed to hold off the surging San Francisco 49ers and come away with their second Super Bowl victory in team history, let's start with the studs.


Jacoby Jones:

The man made an early drop on a first and 10 which would have given the Ravens a new set of downs but boy did he make up for it. Not only did he tie a Super Bowl record with a 108 yard kickoff return for a touchdown but he also had another one of those Hail Mary/ game saving type plays on a third and long to extend the Ravens lead. Jones caught the ball, fell down and then got up and juked two or three defenders to the end zone. S.T.U.D.!

Anquan Boldin:

On the radio today I heard many fans clamoring for a case for Jacoby Jones as the games MVP. The guy made two plays. They were great but the Boldin should be the only one even close to the MVP conversation next to Flacco, who obviously deserved it anyway.

Boldin came up with clutch play after clutch play to keep the Ravens offense moving the chains. How many times have we seen Boldin come down with a catch with his arms wrapped around a defenders hands and the ball? The guy has simply been a beast all throughout the playoffs. In my opinion the Ravens need to find a way to keep him if they want to repeat.

Joe Flacco:

What can I say? Super Bowl MVP, playoffs MVP, team MVP. 11 TD's to zero interceptions in the playoffs. 'Joe Cool' has become "Elite", Whatever that means. The guy can play quarterback as well as anyone in the world. Those who said he was being held back by Cam Cameron, well.. you were right. Whether you really knew it or not you were right.

Cary Williams:

Williams seemed to be everywhere yesterday and yes he got beet a few times but that happens. He still came up big when it counted and almost changed the entire game if he could have held onto that pick in front of Randy Moss.

Ravens Offensive Line:

Not their best game this post season but they did just enough to give Joe Flacco the time he needed to win the game against one of the NFL's best defensive fronts.

Ed Reed:

All-time NFL post-season interception leader. The man comes through when it counts, even if he slacks off the rest of the season.


Sam Koch:

That's right I said it. Yes he made a touchdown saving tackle but he wouldn't have had to had he not shanked the punt in the first place. Also, he consistently put to much on the ball giving the 49ers the ball at the 20 when we should have pinned them within the 10.

I'm sorry, I love Sam but this was easily his worst game as a Raven. Maybe it was the Dome, I don't know?

Bernard Pollard:

Sorry bud. Pollard is another one of my favorite Ravens but Vernon Davis toasted him a few times and he was caught out of position on some others. The man known as "bone-crusher" even missed some key tackles.

Maybe they were coaching mistakes to begin with. Why in the hell would you have Pollard covering Davis in the first place? I mean, unless you have a blitz scheme on which is guaranteed to work, which well just doesn't happen.

Chykie Brown:

Running into the kicker?! Man, you barely smelled the field yesterday and that's what you do with the time you have?

The good news is Jimmy Smith looked pretty good out there.

There may have been a few other players worthy of the Dud category but, hey, we just won the Super Bowl, Let's give them a pass.

Congratulations to Baltimore and the Ravens organization it's been too long and they had this coming. First class organization all around!