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Joe Flacco's Gift To Ravens' Teammates

On the heels of an exciting Super Bowl XLVII, Baltimore Beatdown received this exclusive first shot at releasing news on this gift that will be given from Ravens QB and Super Bowl 47 MVP Joe Flacco to his teammates, according to a Taylor Strategy Account Executive.

Taylor Strategy

From diamond-studded championship rings to victory parades, the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens will celebrate in style this week as they enjoy wearing the world champion crown. And now, thanks to their quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco they will also enjoy some rare Crown Royal, too.

After leading the Baltimore Ravens to victory, quarterback Joe Flacco decided to gift his teammates with a specially embroidered bottle of Crown Royal Extra Rare. Crown Royal XR (retailing for $129.99) is available on a limited basis as the whisky hails from the famed LaSalle distillery near Montreal which no longer produces whisky. Flacco will be distributing this gift to his Championship teammates tomorrow in Baltimore.

"The last month has been an incredible journey and I can’t imagine a better group of guys to take it with," said Flacco. "We were able to keep winning because we played as a team, so I wanted a special way to say thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication. Giving them these specially embroidered bags with Crown Royal Extra Rare will give Ray and the guys something smooth to sip on when they sit back and reflect on how much we’ve accomplished together."