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Ravens Vs. 49ers Is Here, Who Will Win The Super Bowl And Why?

Both teams in this years Super Bowl are very strong and complete teams. How could anyone predict a winner?

Chris Graythen

I'll admit it. As a Ravens fan I was skeptical as to who I thought would come out victorious when my team traveled to Denver to face Peyton Manning paired with one of the leagues top flight defenses. However, I searched deep in my heart and something told me this was the year for Baltimore so I picked them to win outright even when everything in my brain told me otherwise.

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Then, again in New England I could see all the reasons the Patriots should win the game and remembered all the flaws the Ravens had shown earlier in the season, such as winning big games back-to-back, and it scared me. The Patriots had played a better season. They had been more consistent. Their offense was the top rated unit in the league and their defense was loaded with talent and had seemed to work out a key weakness with the signing of Aqib Talib. Again something inside me just seemed to scream Ravens victory though. So, I again picked my hometown team to win outright, and they did.

The coaches and player can feel it. Even the national media can feel it when in the teams presence. There is something special about this years team. They have an aura of confidence about them, as if nothing is too big for them to handle and they can not be bothered with petty issues. So again, although the 49ers are more than worthy adversaries, I must stick with my gut. The part of me that says, no matter the obstacle, this team is built to break through and break through they shall.

Now, I've never been good at predicting the score and my head says to pick something like 34-27 but since Ive been wrong on virtually everything that my brain comes up with I'm going to go with 23-17 Ravens because well, it just feels right to me.

Good luck Baltimore and good luck to the men of purple and black. Make your own destiny.