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Super Bowl 2013 Prediction: Ravens Over 49ers, 23-17

Ronald Martinez

Tonight the Baltimore Ravens will being taking on the San Francisco 49ers in what looks to be a Super Bowl for the ages. While the game has had many story-lines surrounding it, in the end what the game will come down to is which team can rise above all of the distractions and play solid football for 60 minutes straight (let's hope it's 60 minutes anyways).

Due to this reason I think the Baltimore Ravens are more readily prepared heading into this game. And no it's not necessarily because I'm a homer; just take a look at the reasons why:

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-Joe Flacco has consistently been to the play-offs every year since he was a rookie, and is more used to the pressure surrounding a winner-take-all play-off game. Meanwhile the 49ers are relying on a young, inexperienced Collin Kaepernick. Kaepernick has admittedly been solid this year, but I think he will be hard-pressed to win a Super Bowl his first year at the helm.

-While the 49ers defense has been solid the Baltimore Ravens offense has been lighting it up in the play-offs, averaging more than 300 yards total offense a game. And to match that, the Baltimore Ravens defense has been looking great recently as well. If this reinvigorated Ravens' defense can put a cork on the 49ers' Pistol offense, I think the Ravens have a solid chance at bringing the Lombardi trophy back to Baltimore.

-Jim Harbaugh doesn't have as much experience in the play-offs as his brother John does. While Jim has enjoyed considerable success in his first two years as the 49ers Head Coach, i still think he has a bit of inexperience in what it takes to win it all.

So what is my prediction for the outcome of this game you ask? I think it will be a major slug-fest but in the end I see (hope) the Ravens pull away with a victory.

Baltimore Ravens: 23

San Francisco 49ers: 17