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Super Bowl prop bets: Anthem, coin flip, Gatorade, Harbaughs, Ray Lewis all have betting lines

You can bet on virtually anything you want Super Bowl Sunday, from the opening flip of the coin to who the Super Bowl MVP thanks at the end of the game. And also the game itself, but that's boring.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl is a degenerate gambler's dream: not only can you bet on boring, normal things, like the point spread, you can bet on all sorts of unnecessary and crazy things. SB Nation has you covered for analysis of all the prop bets, because although for the most part, they're just for fun, you can win real money on them.

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Let's take a peek at some of the options OddsShark broke down for SB Nation over the past week:

Coin Flip: Sure, the coin flip is, well, a coin flip, but the trend is towards tails. You'll feel much better about yourself if you win on this one than if you do what those Papa John's ads tell you.

National anthem: Will it be "the land of the free" or "the land of the freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?" The line is 2:10, and it seems like the smart money is on the under.

Touchdowns: Who do you think will score on Sunday? Here's the odds for some of the more obvious players, but maybe you'd like to bet on somebody like Ed Reed or Ray Lewis will find their way into the end zone - something which pays out kind of well.

Harbowl: Nothing says you're detached from nearly all aspects of humanity like betting on the embrace of a pair of brothers, but sure enough, you can bet on how long John and Jim Harbaugh will talk to each other after the game. 7.5 seconds is the over-under on their post-game meeting. You can also bet on how often the camera finds their parents, as well as what their parents are wearing.

TV Ratings: Will the viewership for Super Bowl 47 reach a TV rating of 47? This is easy money, since you can game this by just betting the under and convincing all of your friends not to watch.

MVP thanks: Who will the winner of the Super Bowl MVP seek to thank first? Surprisingly, not God - he's No. 2 to the player's teammates. If you're into religion, you can bet on how many times Ray Lewis will thank God after the game.

Gatorade: What color will the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach be? Odds are with yellow.

Cross-sports props: Will Randy Moss have more yards than Kobe Bryant has points in the Lakers' game Sunday afternoon? How about the 49ers' point total and LeBron James' when his team plays? There's a bunch of those.

Is that enough for you? If not, you have a problem, but at least today's going to be an awesome day for you. Again, check out SB Nation's Super Bowl betting hub for more.