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Ed Reed A Hit On Oscar's Red Carpet

The Ravens safety was a big hit on the Red Carpet of Sundays Academy Awards Show, even getting razzed by mega-movie star George Clooney.


Baltimore Ravens free safety was one of the more popular star on the Red Carpet prior to the start of the Academy Awards on Sunday evening. While not quite getting the cheers that he did in the Ravens Super Bowl victory parade, he still commanded a lot of attention by a few of the bigger names in show business, including George Clooney.

As seen in the video on, Clooney, an admitted fan of the Cincinnati Bengals, came over and half-hugged Reed while razing him on his team's lack of similar success. Reed was at the Oscars as a correspondent for The Rich Eisen Podcast, which originally had New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski pegged for the position.

Good thing Reed was there, as according to the story, it was former Ravens cheerleader and current Clooney girlfriend Stacy Keibler, who recognized the NFL star and introduced him to George.