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Manti Te'o Is Now A Realistic Candidate For The Ravens


Manti Te'o's draft-stock has been volatile, to say the least. Once considered a top-5 worthy pick, Te'o has been falling off the charts faster than Javier's Colon "Stitch by Stitch" after his infamous girlfriend hoax and, most recently, a disappointing 4.82 40-yard-dash in the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine. Even before the combine many writers predicted that the Baltimore Ravens might take Manti Te'o with the 30th overall pick, but the debate has been over whether or not he will still be available whenever the Baltimore Raven take their pick. I think that this fantasy is becoming even more likely with Te'o's plummeting draft stock and I think that there's a chance Te'o might even slip into the second round at this point.

But here's my question for you guys, would you want Manti Te'o if he was available when it came time for the Baltimore Ravens to make their 1st-round selection?