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Ravens Take It In Stride With Flacco

The team the agent and the player are handling the situation smoothly.


At this point everyone knows that Joe "Cool" Flacco is getting paid. Local rodio DJ's are asking questions about if there has ever been a free agent with a bigger bargaining chip. Both the team and the "Flacco Camp" have played it very cool so far. With All the speculation and national media attention either side could be landing verbal blows on each other and stir the pot.

To their credit both sides have stayed quiet but confident on the entire situation. When Joe Flacco himself is asked about the upcoming contract talks he simply shrugs it off with a joke or expresses confidence that a deal will get done. Flacco's agent Joe Linta has handled it very much the same. It would be easy for Flacco or his agent to add dollars to the deal with media exposure but the men just aren't like that.

This is why Flacco and the Ravens organization are such a perfect fit because the Baltimore Ravens have expressed nothing but optimism regarding the situation at hand. Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh and Eric Decosta have had chances in front of microphones at a national level and have passed each test with flying colors.

We all see What media attention can do to a situation like this and these men are showing they are above it. That's just class in action.

Joe Flacco is going to get a big deal and the Ravens have to try and soften the blow as much as they can in this situation. One thing is for sure though, They won't chance looking bad doing it. They have walked away from situations many times in the past. Jared Gaither comes to mind.

It's not flashy or as media friendly than if both sides were soaking it all up but it will get the job done quietly and in an orderly fashion. We are lucky to have such an excellent quarterback and front office in Baltimore.