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What if all the NFL logos were British?

With all the talk about the NFL possibly expanding into London, David Rappoccio decided to make every logo and team name...British! Get ready for some monocles! And Bowler hats! And Mustaches! Don't take them too seriously, folks.

Dave Rappoccio-Dave's Art Locker

Rappoccio is the creator of the site, Dave's Art Locker. He puts his own take on the NFL from an artistic point-of-view and has done some fun things, like putting Peyton Manning's face on all 32 team's logos at this time last year when Manning was the biggest prize in free agency.

Check out all the new logos he made, one for each of the league's teams, starting off with the one you just saw at the beginning of this story, the Beaky Bastards, otherwise known around here as the Baltimore Ravens.