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Avoid March Madness Offensive Fowls

I received this email the other day and while it has absolutely nothing to do with the Baltimore Ravens nor the NFL, I just had to pass it along to you all. Enjoy those chicken wings!

To the Editor:

Buffalo Wild Wings’ partnership with the NCAA will encourage fans to "eat all the wings you want." The "Official Hangout of March Madness" boasts more than 20 sauces and seasonings for fans to dip, dunk, and devour to ease the pain of watching their brackets disintegrate. But fans should be aware that the chicken they’re eating may have also been dunked in feces.

A recent report showed that 63 percent of chicken at grocery stores tested positive for fecal contamination. The tainted products were not confined to a single store, brand, or body part. In 2009, the USDA conducted a study testing 800 chicken carcasses for generic E. coli—the best indicator of feces—and 87 percent tested positive. High-temperature cooking may kill bacteria, but it does not remove the feces.

It’s anyone’s guess who will reach the Final Four, but you can bet that fans who eat wings are chowing down on feces. The safest way to avoid an offensive fowl when supporting your team’s race to the Georgia Dome is to give wings a pass.


Joseph Gonzales, R.D., L.D.
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine