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A Game About A Team

With all the headlines and story lines surrounding this Super Bowl, fans need to remember, this game is about the whole team.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

49ers fans have to deal with it too, " The Harbowl", the quarterback controversy that brought Colin Kaepernick to be the starter, key players with key injuries expected to contribute, tying the Steelers with six Super Bowl wins. For the Ravens fans there is so much more though. The leader of the entire franchise is playing his last game ever. Not to mention Joe Flacco's "elite" Status on the line, Ed Reed becoming a Patriot next year and losing everyone from Anquan Boldin to Matt Birk.

With all the hoopla leading up to this years Super Bowl it is hard to remember this Ravens team and how this season started out, the questions we dealt with from the beginning of the season to the end. Cam Cameron is gone and fans couldn't be happier about it but he too was, and in many ways still is, a part of this team.

This Ravens team has undergone a transformation. One we all have been waiting on. Something so slight that it was always there on the tip of our tongues but if we mention it it could all go away and fall apart, and it did earlier in the season against Denver. However this group, so full of "faith" and resilience found it and put it all together when they had too.

This team dealt with every kind of adversity. Players disagreeing with coaches. Players losing family members. The infamous Harbaugh doghouse-...gate. Not to mention all the things that happened behind closed doors that we can only speculate about. Ray Lewis' Flying Deer Antler Ultimate Healing Powder. I think Steven Segal used that in some movie with Damon Wayans by the way.

Any way, at the end of the day, win or lose, we end up with a team. A team we as fans can proudly boast about. A group of men that found solace in each other enough to carry them all the way to the games final stage. After that what is there? They have given us all an opportunity to have a real Super Bowl party and this 2012/13 Ravens team will never be the same. They will be a new team next year and hopefully will always be remembered in Ravens lore, just like the 2000 team.

So as a team we should thank them, for getting us this far at least. They did all any of us could have asked for and even Joe Flacco's contract aside we all need to bask in this moment and don't sweat tomorrow because if you do you might just miss today.