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Super Bowl 2013 picks: The "Stars" Say John Over Jim

Cain and Abel. King Edward and Richard III. Liam and Noel Gallagher. History has been packed with brother vs. brother rivalries.

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With respect to football, the stage has been set for Super Bowl XLVII to see a sibling showdown of epic proportions when John Harbaugh’s Baltimore Ravens meet his brother Jim’s San Francisco 49ers.

Not only are the two brothers the only siblings to serve as head coaches at the same time during their tenure in the NFL, but they are the first brothers to coach their respective teams to the Super Bowl and duel one another in The Big Game.

So, which brother will get bragging rights and get to sport a shiny Super Bowl championship ring to the next family dinner? Emotions are high -- and so are Vegas odds -- but it’s a really close call as to which brother will be the victor.

To help determine who will win the battle of the Harbaughs, here are brief astrological profiles of each brother and how their zodialogical signs may influence their coaching styles, ultimately determining who will fly back from the Big Easy with the Lombardi Trophy.

As the younger brother, Jim, a Capricorn, seemed to push himself to get some separation from his big brother’s shadow. From a successful run in college football, making it as a player in the NFL (even with our Ravens), to being a notable head coach at Stanford, Jim had a medley of high-profile playing and coaching jobs in major college and NFL institutions. This all makes sense when you examine Jim’s personality as a Capricorn.

Not complacent in any sense, Capricorns drive harder than any other sign in the zodiac. Jim is a practical, hard-nosed coach dedicated to pushing his players to their limits and beyond. Not only is Jim highly competitive, his need to succeed can be driven - and hindered - by ego. Capricorn’s motto is frequently "My way or the highway!" and he expects his players to work according to his highly set standards. Will his driven, hard-working demeanor earn the 49ers their sixth Lombardi trophy, or will Jim’s players be frustrated with his "all work, no play" attitude?

On the other hand, John’s coaching is built on a sense of balance as a Libra, not a self-reliance on his own coaching abilities. He worked his way up through the ranks, starting out as a lowly assistant at Western Michigan to an assistant coach of the Eagles before finally making it as a Special Teams coach - not a prime position for someone aiming for a head coaching position. Through the years, John proved that persistence and patience can go a long way. Now, as a head coach, John prefers to "weigh his options" rather than jumping to decisions, which is demonstrated by his strategic planning on the field. Even off the field, his decisiveness showed when he named Jim Caldwell Offensive Coordinator after years of Ravens’ fans complaining about Cam Cameron’s play calling. After careful thought, John made what certainly seems to be the right decision.

John’s balanced, even-keel approach as a Libra often incorporates input from others, particularly in a team scenario. The Ravens are certainly at their best when all of the cogs involved are operating in perfect harmony, especially when the running game is established. That’s not to say that John doesn’t have his explosive side, but it rarely rears its head. Even when the weight of the world (or the NFL) rests on his shoulders, John maintains a proud, cheerful disposition, proving that the 49ers aren’t the only ones on the field to have a laid back, West coast attitude.

When comparing brother to brother, the question of "Is it better be loved or feared as a ruler?" immediately springs to mind. Although both Harbaugh brothers are known for their strategic, cerebral qualities, each takes a different approach towards carrying out his mission. Jim likes to put the pressure on himself, preferring to make it a solo act, whereas John leans more towards making success a team effort. Jim can be somewhat domineering, imposing his view on others whereas John tends to be more diplomatic in his persuasion.

What do you think: will Jim and his fierceness win out or will John’s "team first" approach prove victorious?

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