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Baltimore Beatdown's 'Predict The Super Bowl XLVII Score' Contest

Enter the final Baltimore Beatdown 'Predict The Score' Contest and win a high-tech piece of memorabilia.


A month ago we posted a story on a unique Johnny Unitas "Keepr" Collectible and now have one of these high-tech plug-in memory sticks with loads of videos, photos, statistics and interviews on one of the greatest to ever lace up the cleats in NFL history.

Post your prediction on the final score of Super Bowl XLVII and be the winner of this really cool prize. Guess the winner and the final score and remember you can only post one entry and must do so by 6pm (ET) on Sunday.

I will be the final decision-maker in the event of a close call. If there are two exact guesses, the first one posted wins. If two are not the same but just as close, I may choose to award two prizes in a random order.

Good luck and start posting!