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The 'Super Bro' Contest

It took 47 years for two brothers to coach against each other in the Super Bowl so '47 Brand created a "Super Bro" T-Shirt to celebrate.

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'47 Brand

If you want to win one of two "Super Bro" t-shirts, all you have to do is predict which of the following players will get more yards than their opponent in the Big Game. You can enter a guess on both but you can only win once. Here's all you have to do to win one of these cool and unique t-shirts.

Predict which of these two players will have either the most passing or rushing yards in Sunday's game. In one of the two contests, will it be Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco or San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick? Guess which guy will have more passing yards and for the tie-breaker, add the yardage he'll pass for in the game.

In the other contest, guess which running back will rush for more yards, either the Ravens' Ray Rice or the 49ers' Frank Gore. For this tie-breaker, add your guess at the rushing yards they will have.

Whoever gets their first entry correct wins for that contest and then the other contest remains up for grabs. Post your guess in the order you feel will be the best for you. For example, if you feel more confident about the rushing contest than the passing one, your entry should look like this:

Rice (110 yards)

Flacco (320 yards)

If Ray ends up with, say 110 yards, you win and the others are left to try to win based on the passing contest. If you get your entry in first and you picked Flacco and get it right, then the rest of the entries are fighting for the rushing contest. So get your entry in early and remember, only one entry per person.

Good luck and thanks to the '47 Brand for putting up the prizes for this contest.