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Is The NFL Scouting Combine Relevant?

Obviously, the NFL Scouting Combine can be the difference of not only where a player goes in the draft, but also if he gets drafted at all.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

So, in those terms, the headline of this story is not even relevant. However, the real question I'm asking is, does the Combine give a clear indication of how good of an NFL player will be once he gets onto the playing field? The debate has been regurgitated before regarding the 40-yard dash, as straight-line speed is just not nearly as important as quickness or what we call, "football-speed."

Some NFL teams (see the Oakland Raiders) historically seem to covet the top of the 40-yard dash players. Others look at specific drills on the playing field much more than the athletic tests. Still others give a great deal of credence to the so-called barometer of intelligence, the Wonderlic Test.

Not part of what is seen on TV in the NFL Network's extensive coverage of the Combine, is the individual interviews the players have with frontoffice personnel of the teams interested in these potential pros. What is asked and how the questions are answered can be the difference in whether a team ends up targeting that player.

Therefore, to answer my own question, yes, the NFL Scouting Combine is absolutely relevant. However, as far as that relevance translating to success at the pro level, is still open for debate and perhaps even obviously not necessarily even debatable, as these players NFL careers prove down the line that one thing for sure is that you never really know.

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