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NFL Franchise Tagging Starts Today

From today through March 4th, NFL teams can begin placing the Franchise Tag on their unrestricted free agents in order to ensure they remain with the team for at least one more year while hoping to iron out a long term deal in the meantime.


While most NFL teams will do their best to get a multi-year deal in place until the last possible moments, the Franchise Tag season opened today and will extend until the March 4th deadline, just days ahead of open free agency.

The Baltimore Ravens will have a bunch of decisions to make regarding their many free agents, none anywhere as critical as the negotiations to sign QB Joe Flacco to a long-term deal before being left with no other choice than to place that designation upon him , guaranteeing him a minimum of over $14 million dollars in 2013, all counted towards the NFL salary cap, projected to be at around $121 million.

If the Ravens work out a deal with Flacco and do not need to tag him, then GM Ozzie Newsome has stated he does not plan to utilize the tag on any other players. The full list of Ravens' unrestricted and restricted free agents is at The Franchise Tag 2013 salaries for each position are listed in a similar story on Arrowhead Pride, the SB Nation blog on the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, if the Ravens change their minds, the question that begs to be answered would be which unrestricted free agent would the team consider placing the Franchise Tag on? While the cost would be prohibitive and the dollar amount assigned to each position is based on the average of the top five current salaries at the spot ridiculously high, let's conduct a poll to vote for the one player you would tag if you had to pick just one.