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Suggs' Bicep Will Not Require Surgery


After suffering a torn achilles before the beginning of the season, it has been a season filled with adversity for Terrell Suggs who played through injuries the majority of the season. However with the recent positive trend of good fortune for the Baltimore Ravens it looks as though the trend will continue as it was reported yesterday that Suggs will not have to undergo surgery to repair a torn bicep suffered on December 2nd.

And even though he was forced to play through injury the majority of the season, Suggs seemed to be on the upswing through the play-offs as he managed to mirror his entire season's productivity in just four short games. With this burst of productivity near the season's end, Baltimore got a taste of what it will look like to finally have a pass-rush again.

It will certainly be exciting to see how our defense will look next year with a healthy Terrell Suggs (amongst other players) and without Ray Lewis. Perhaps we won't be missing #52 as much as pundits think?