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Where Might Our Ravens Land?

The Ravens will not be able to re-sign all of their free agent players so where do you think some of them may end up?

Ronald Martinez

The rumors are already swirling around Baltimore. Which players will not don the Purple and black next season and where might they go?

The first big rumor that could be realistic is Ed Reed and the New England Patriots. Reed, as many already know, chooses to work without an agent so negotiations with him are a bit different than they are with other players. Could this work to the Ravens advantage? You would think so considering how much Ed says he loves the city of Baltimore and the Ravens organization. Without a greedy agent in the way maybe Ozzie and company can work out a cap friendly deal with the long time Raven safety. Ed Reed in a Pats uniform... Yuck! Sorry, it just doesn't sit right with me.

What about Paul Kruger? word is that the Arizona Cardinals have a boat load of money to spend I'm sure one of the first things on their list is pass rusher, after quarterback that is. Or maybe the Miami Dolphins would be looking for a bookend to Cameron Wake. That could be a deadly duo if Kruger continues to improve. Maybe he could end up in Kansas City working as a pass rushing Tandem with Tamba Hali. Or, in St. Louis where he and Chris Long could make a deadly duo of white boy pass rushers for the Rams. I'm sure we could find some great nicknames for the two of them by the end of the season.

I'm sure there are a ton of teams out there looking for a corner back with Super Bowl experience like Cary Williams. William has spent his time being undervalued here in Baltimore. What city might welcome him with open arms? For some reason I keep seeing him in a Raiders uniform. I don't know why, it just seems to fit. Or maybe the Redskins. They love to over-pay for middle of the pack players and may be in need of a new corner this season.

I hate seeing our players leave but it is an inevitable part of the NFL with the salary cap and all. The past two seasons have been especially rough but our team seems to have gotten better overall without the players we lost. This time I think Paul Kruger may end up being our biggest loss. I'm not sure why but I see him really taking off next season and beyond. I think he was just starting to come into his own this season here in Baltimore. What do you think? Where might some of our Ravens end up playing next season?