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Ravens News Around The Web

Here is your daily dose of Ravens news from around the World Wide Web.


Timeline: Super Bowl XLVII as it happened

Super Bowl 47 in chronological order by photos.

2013 NFL free agents: The best team money can buy -
NFL free agency is less than a month away and we open the wallet of a hypothetical owner to build the best team money can buy.

Super Bowl on a Saturday? Bad weather in New Jersey next year could make it so | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
According to a report in Sports Business Daily, the NFL is putting together a contingency plan for Super Bowl XLVIII should inclement weather hit Metlife Stadium.

2013 NFL Mock Draft: The typical mock draft - Field Gulls
I can guarantee you that my mock draft is 100% accurate. Can anyone else do that?

Baltimore Ravens' Terrence Cody didn't grade out well this season -
Baltimore Ravens nose guard Terrence Cody had a rough year

Offseason Forecast: Baltimore Ravens -
The Baltimore Ravens won a Super Bowl title no one saw coming -- just don't expect to see the same Ravens team next season. Gregg Rosenthal breaks down the changes ahead for 2013.

NFP Mock Draft - Version 6.0 | National Football Post
Russ Lande takes another crack at predicting the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Newsome: Franchise tag for Flacco, no one else | National Football Post
Ravens GM says even if deal is reached with quarterback, no other free agent will be tagged.

Aaron Rodgers 'not stressing' about contract situation | National Football Post
Is there a bigger Joe Flacco fan right now than Aaron Rodgers?