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Ron Jaworski Saw Flacco's Potential

Former NFL QB and current ESPN Analyst Ron Jaworski putout his final rankings of quarterbacks, based on the 2012 NFL season.

Christian Petersen

NFL analyst Ron Jaworski looked at Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco in this ESPN Insider article, and while he liked what he saw in the regular season, noted that he would have to continue his progress at getting it done in the playoffs in order to receive his just due.

Little did Jaworski know that Flacco would not only prove him correct, he would explode on the scene with one of the greatest post-season performances of any QB in NFL history, mainly based on his 11-TD passes with zero interceptions, while leading the Ravens on a four-game playoff winning streak that ended with a MVP Trophy in the team's 34-31 Super Bowl XLVII victory.

Check out where he ranked Flacco after the 2012 regular season and what he said about him:

8. Joe Flacco

The next hurdle for Flacco is to get it done in the playoffs, but I really saw his confidence level grow against the Giants. He was hitting on the deep ball, firing the ball outside the numbers, and he looked as if he had that edge he showed us against New England in Week 3. For the Ravens to succeed in the playoffs, he'll have to show it again.