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The Hunt For Ray Lewis' Deer Antler Spray

Since all the news came out on whether or not Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis used NFL-banned substances to recover from his torn triceps injury, Baltimore Beatdown decided to do their own investigation.

SB Nation

Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis is under the microscope heading into Super Bowl XLVII once again. While not nearly as much scrutinized as over a dozen years ago, the question recently arose about the quick recovery Lewis had from a torn triceps that required surgery and originally had him reportedly out for the rest of the season.

His recovery and subsequent return to playing at such a high level raised suspicions and that came to the surface in the form of a Sports Illustrated article that had a source that stated Ray used a form of deer antler velvet spray that contained a banned substance according to league rules.

Ray vehemently denied the wild allegations and the debate raged on. I decided to do my own investigation and the above video is proof positive of my research with an inability to confirm the actual existence of such a substance.

As noted in the video, I questioned the choice of wild animal referenced to use its ingredients to speed the healing process, since there were certainly more ferocious members of the animal kingdom than the lowly deer. I did experience other types of animal spray in my travels deep into the wilderness of nature, although some people will try to suggest all I did was go a few yards into the woods behind my house.

Just like Ray, I think the naysayers will immediately disregard my credible evidence, or lack thereof, which to them I just say, "Any dogs in the house?"