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Baltimore Beatdown's Best Month Ever?

There's nothing like having your team make it all the way to the Super Bowl to drive traffic to your website like it has with the Ravens and Baltimore Beatdown.

SB Nation

Thanks to the Baltimore Ravens fifth trip to the post season in a row, Baltimore Beatdown always seems to have its best month in January of each year. Last January, when the Ravens lost that heartbreaker to the New England Patriots, traffic numbers were at an all-time high. However, once they lost, traffic died down significantly at that point.

Not so in 2013, as the Ravens victory over those same Patriots in the AFC Championship Game propelled them to Super Bowl XLVII and kept them in the spotlight for at least two more weeks, meaning the entire month of January.

Last January (2012) saw Baltimore Beatdown rack up over 250,000 visits and over 450,000 page views. Last month (January 2013), Baltimore Beatdown obliterated those numbers thanks to the success of the team, the improvements made by the SB Nation network and mostly due to the fans and loyal members of The Beatdown.

Baltimore Beatdown finished January 2013 with 401,422 visits and 612,943 page views. While these numbers may not compete with the most popular blogs on the SB Nation network, they are significantly higher than anything this site has ever seen before.

A Super Bowl win will keep those record numbers up in February and beyond, with the Combine coming in a couple of weeks, then free agency in March, the 2013 NFL Draft in April and then mini-camps, OTAs and soon after Training Camp will be here quicker than you think, meaning an exciting start of another Baltimore Ravens season.

In the meantime, thanks to all that have contributed by writing stories, putting up FanPosts and commenting in record numbers as well.

Go Ravens and Go Baltimore Beatdown, your best choice for your voice on the team around the web!