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Red Stripe Beer's 'Big Game' Contest

Enter the Red Stripe 'Big Game' contest and win a cooler filled with real cool Red Stripe products. Hooray Beer!

Red Stripe Beer

Baltimore Beatdown will be holding a couple of contests related to the Big Game this weekend and Red Stripe Beer has been kind enough to give us three prizes to award to the winners. In order to give away all three prizes, we will break down the game into three distinct and separate parts.

Predict the total points scored by the two teams at the end of the first quarter, halftime and the final score. The winner of each of the three guesses will each win the same prize. Get your prediction in early as once a number is posted, it cannot be used by another person.

Your entry should look something like this: 1st Quarter: 7; Halftime: 17; Final 42. You can only win once, so if you do happen to have the closest total in any second category, the next closest guess will be the winner. As always, in the event of more than one close guess, I will be the final authority of the winning guess. The deadline for entering will be Sunday at 4pm (ET).

The prizes awarded, compliments of Red Stripe, will each include:

  • A cooler full of Red Stripe gear (3 t-shirts, hats, cozies)
  • Red Stripe gift cards (enough for purchasing 3 six packs)
  • A few fun grilling recipes
  • A Red Stripe hoodie, complete with a pocket for your beer
Post your best guess as soon as possible and as Red Stripe always says, "HOORAY BEER!!!"