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Ravens will play another game in less-than-favorable weather conditions

The temperature will be in the low 30s with light snow falling down.

Bundle up, it's getting cold outside.
Bundle up, it's getting cold outside.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens are used to this by now.

They've played in quite a few bad weather games this season. There was the game against the Bears in Chicago that was played in a mud-covered Soldier Field due to a more than one storm cell. Their game against the Jets was played with gusts of wind affecting each team's throws.

The season-opener against the Broncos was delayed due to lightning. Even a preseason game against the Buccaneers featured a ton of rain.

With the temperature dropping to hover just above freezing level, the Ravens will be prepared for this kind of game, it would seem.

"We've had a crazy year with weather," John Harbaugh told reporters on Friday. "We've had some really wild days, so I think it helps us. We've been through this before. It looks like we are going to get another one on Sunday. But it is. To me, it adds to the drama, and our team - we feel like we're built for that sort of thing."

The one constant has been that Joe Flacco is rarely affected in cold weather. His arm strength allows his ball to fight through any inclement conditions. Though the weather will be cold, the wind isn't expected to be too much of a factor. Flacco shouldn't have too much of a problem.

This could wind up being an advantage for the Ravens, given that Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel doesn't have the same kind of arm strength Flacco has. For a lot of quarterbacks, when the temperature drops, so does the ability to throw the ball.

Flacco has never demonstrated that trait. He should be good to test the Vikings secondary deep.

With the Vikings not having the kind of luxury Baltimore has at quarterback, they could stick to a heavy dose of the ground game. If the Ravens can corral it early, then the Ravens could be salting this one away in the fourth quarter.