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John Harbaugh utilized strong game-planning in last two weeks

Baltimore's coach picked a great week to show the Wildcat against the Jets to at least make Pittsburgh think about it this past Thursday.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past two weeks, Ravens coach John Harbaugh has shown his ability as a strategist that has been able to prepare his team for needed wins.

Two weeks ago against the Jets, the Ravens entered the game with one of the worst rushing attacks in the NFL. Knowing it wouldn't be able to run the ball, the Ravens — for better or for worse — implemented some Wildcat packages, whether it was with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback or lining up under center.

Though Joe Flacco wasn't keen on the idea of having snaps taken from him, the Ravens were able to get a few first downs in plays with Taylor in the game as an offensive threat or decoy.

That kind of game-planning helped the Ravens do enough on offense to come away with a 19-3 lead.

For the next week — with this site included — the rage was the Ravens' use of the Wildcat. Would they run more of it, especially with Flacco voicing displeasure over it?

As Thursday's game dictated itself, the Ravens ran zero Wildcat plays as Flacco had one of the better performances of the season in a 19-16 win. Afterward, Harbaugh told reporters the Wildcat was in the game-plan but that the flow of the game didn't move toward using any of it.

That's a good example of picking and choosing what's available for the correct situation. Plus, running the Wildcat likely took time out of the Steelers' practice sessions for them to prepare for it. If so, Pittsburgh wasted their time.

Those two wins have placed the Ravens at 6-6 and in good standing, at least for the time being, for a Wild Card berth.