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NFL's Black Monday

Tracking the day's most notable firings around the league.

Greg Fiume

Ah yes, Black Monday. Some of you history buffs may recognize these two words as the nickname for the day back in 1987 when stock markets all around the world crashed, but they take on a completely different meaning in the world of professional football.

Perhaps the most infamous day in the NFL schedule, Black Monday is the notorious Monday after the final Sunday of the regular season where head coaches and other personnel around the league are given the ax due to the unsatisfactory performance of their respective teams.

While today may be feared for the generals of numerous under-performing bottom-feeders of the NFL who are nervously biting their nails in hopes that their jobs will be safe for another year, it is celebrated by fans for what it represents: A fresh start.

We have already seen quite a few notable firings today with the likes of Mike Shanahan, Jim Schwartz, Leslie Frazier, and Greg Schiano all being informed that they will not be wearing their respective teams' logos next season, and there are sure to be more decisions made by the end of the day.

So be sure to stick with us through the duration of today's transactions and drop a few comments detailing you opinions of these decisions and even telling us who you would like to see wearing black and purple next season!

God, I love the smell of shredded contracts in the morning...