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NFL power rankings Week 14: Ravens roundup

Here's this week's power rankings roundup.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation: No. 13

The dot com folks stay true with where they've been the past couple of weeks, with the other media outlets playing catch-up. For the Ravens to make the playoffs, SB Nation notes that Joe Flacco will need to keep playing like he did against Pittsburgh.

Pro Football Talk: No. 14

In addition to beating the Steelers, PFT notes that the Ravens get an added bonus by getting to watch the Steelers worry about discipline from the NFL.

ESPN: No. 14

Creeping on up, the Ravens jumped four places in the ESPN rankings. ESPN notes that Joe Flacco was 6-10 when looking Torrey Smith's way last Thursday. No. 14

Former Ravens coach Brian Billick writes that the Ravens are 5-1 at home, showing that once again, it's tough to win at M&T Bank Stadium. No. 14's Pat Kirwan writes that the Ravens are in a good position for the second AFC Wild Card spot after beating Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving.

Baltimore Sun: NR

The Sun's Matt Vensel only ranks his top 12, so it's unknown if he has the Ravens just outside of that mark like the other entities or not.