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Ravens injury update: Jimmy Smith outlook good for Sunday's Minnesota game

Jimmy Smith could practice Wednesday after sustaining a concussion against Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith has been playing up to the level the organization hoped for when it drafted him in the first round three years ago.

But Smith suffered a scary moment this past Thursday when he collided heads with Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell. Both fell to the ground and sustained concussions.

The extra days off that the Ravens got from playing Thursday could be working in Smith's benefit, however, as John Harbaugh told reporters on Monday that Smith was progressing well through the NFL's mandatory concussion protocol.

"Jimmy seems to be doing really well," Harbaugh said. "He was doing well right after the game. He's going through the concussion protocol now. That was what it was during the course of the game. But everything looks really, really good for Jimmy. He should be fine. You never know with that. But it looks like he is even going to be able to practice on Wednesday, so we're feeling good about that."

Other injuries that came from the Steelers game were ones to receiver Brandon Stokley and outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil. Stokley sprained his knee and Dumervil injured his ankle.

Harbaugh played down any issue with Dumervil, who was able to finish the Pittsburgh game.

"He got through the game and he got back in and played," Harbaugh said. "He looks OK. We're going to have to nurse some things, just like we do with a lot of different guys."

Stokley's knee injury came in his first game action since being forced to sit out for an extended time due to a groin issue. It looks like Stokley will be fine moving forward though.

"Nothing structurally with Stokley," Harbaugh said. "Everybody came out of the game with bumps and bruises, like we said. I expect all those guys to play on Sunday. We'll just have to see if something fires up between now and then."