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Tuesday Ravens links

Read what the rest of the web is saying about the Baltimore Ravens.

Larry French

John Harbaugh has moved on from Tomlin incident

Getting the win over Pittsburgh has made it easier for Harbaugh and the Ravens to move past the Mike Tomlin incident, writes the Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson.

Jimmy Smith playing like an elite cornerback

The Baltimore Sun's Matt Vensel writes that the third-year corner has played well enough that you could call one side of the field Smith Island.

Ravens hope extra time off helps's Clifton Brown writes that the extra time off due to the Thursday night game could help this team as it enters the final stretch of the 2013 regular season.

Jimmy Smith, Brandon Stokley and Elvis Dumervil expected to play's Clifton Brown writes that all three of these players are expected to give it a go this Sunday against Minnesota, despite their various injuries.

Replaying the Tomlin play inside M&T Bank Stadium's Ryan Mink caught up with Larry Rosen, the organization's vice president of broadcasting, who helped replay the clip of Mike Tomlin getting in Jacoby Jones' way during his kick return this past Thursday.