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NFL power rankings Week 14: Where should the Ravens rank?

It's your turn to vote where the Ravens should rank this week.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have climbed back to .500 and now sit in sixth place in the AFC playoff race.

This is precisely why games are played each week throughout a long 17-week season. You can never give up or assume one team will continue to slide and struggle.

The Ravens aren't without their faults. The running game is still abysmal and the offense has yet to have a game where everything seemed to click. But if Joe Flacco continues to have games like he did this past Thursday against Pittsburgh, then the Ravens will be in great shape moving forward.

Many pundits have been placing the Ravens in the lower teens or 20s the last couple of weeks. I'd have to believe that changes now that the Ravens are in the top six of the AFC playoff picture.

That said, it's your turn to decide. Vote below before we round up the rest of the web's rankings later this afternoon.