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State of the Draft: Ravens Back in the Twenties

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

What a difference two weeks makes. Back in week 11, the Baltimore Ravens were on pace to have the 10th overall selection in the NFL Draft. Now with two more wins and timely losses by the Steelers, Jets, Titans, and Chargers, the Ravens currently hold the 2nd Wild Card spot in the AFC and 6th overall seed.

Being in the playoffs puts the Ravens in the range of picks 21 to 32, depending how far they go. The current order based solely on record and strength of schedule places the Ravens at number 21.

The Ravens have selected in the twenties (or lower) every year of the John Harbaugh era, excluding his first draft inherited from Brian Billick, due to the fact Harbaugh has always made the playoffs.

The last five selections at the 21st overall selection have been: Tyler Eifert by the Cincinnati Bengals, Chandler Jones by the New England Patriots, Phil Taylor by the Cleveland Browns, Jermaine Gresham by the Cincinnati Bengals, and Alex Mack by the Cleveland Browns.

Eifert and Gresham have combined to create a dynamic pair at tight end for the Bengals, Jones is developing into a top tier pass rusher, and Taylor and Mack anchor both lines for the Browns.

While the prospects in the twenties are not the same caliber as the top ten, I believe every Ravens will make that sacrifice for the playoffs.