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John Harbaugh wouldn't kick field goal on second thought

After reviewing the game, Harbaugh wishes he would've gone for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter instead of ask Justin Tucker to kick a field goal.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After going for it on fourth-and-1 late in the third quarter and failing to pick it up, the Ravens moved down the field, still trailing 20-0.

Getting to the 20-yard line in the fourth quarter, coach John Harbaugh called on Justin Tucker to attempt a 37-yard field goal instead of trying to pick up the first down.

It was a head-scratcher at the time: Even with the kick, the Ravens would still be down three scores.

(Tucker wound up missing the field goal attempt in a game that didn't go the Ravens way in any sense).

Any way, after reviewing the film, Harbaugh now feels the same way.

"If I had to do that one again, I would have gone for that," Harbaugh told reporters on Tuesday. "I would have gone for that one, too. I'd have gone for all four of them, looking back on it. The situation of the game ... We had just gone for the one previous to that that was on the 4-yard line with a foot to go. Obviously, this is fourth-and-five on the 20-yard line with five yards to go. It's a little bit different and, during the flow of the game, I think I felt differently about it at the time - in the middle of the game. Looking back on it, I would agree with anybody that feels like we should have gone for it."

Harbaugh added he was trying to get some momentum at that point. The Ravens had just gone three quarters without scoring a point.

Still, it proved to be a move he wished he had back.

"There are a lot of things going on in your mind," Harbaugh said. "What happened was we got stopped the previous time with the idea that you're inside the 5-yard line, and when you go for it inside the 5-yard line, you're chances of forcing them to punt the ball back to you, get the ball almost in field [goal] position, and at least get that field goal back if not the touchdown, is your thinking.

"The thinking there was, ‘OK, that's exactly what happened. We'll get that field goal back, and we'll be within 17 with a chance here.' If you look at the opportunities down the stretch - especially in the red zone - we had a chance to get back in that game throughout those couple of sequences there in the end of the third quarter, beginning of the fourth quarter. But, we didn't do it. Would I happen to do it again? I would have gone for it."