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NFL power rankings Week 17: Where do the Ravens rank?

With the Ravens st 8-7, it's your turn to vote where you think they should rank this week.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The prognosticators around the web may punish the Ravens for losing the way they did on Sunday.

The Ravens were crushed by New England 41-7 in a game that got away from them early. After gaining some respect and re-emerging in the top 12 of a few power rankings polls, the Ravens may see themselves falling back a bit.

They certainly did not play like a team worthy of a top 12 mention and have now suffered blowout losses against the AFC's top two teams.

The good news? Power rankings don't matter at the end of the day. If Baltimore defeats Cincinnati and either San Diego or Miami loses, then Baltimore's in the playoffs for a sixth consecutive season. So no matter where the Ravens rank by the end of the day, all that matters is what happens next week.

But, for fun, vote where you think they deserve to rank.