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Local media picks Justin Tucker as team MVP, Joe Flacco wins Good Guy Award

Justin Tucker's clutch kicking netted him a Most Valuable Player nod from the local media in Baltimore. Joe Flacco's candor and accessibility got him the Good Guy Award.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It's not every day a kicker winds up winning a team's MVP award.

Then again, the 2013 Baltimore Ravens haven't performed like a lot of teams this year. There have been multiple ups and downs on both sides of the ball. Just when you think you have this team figured out they toss you a curve ball you can't hit.

But one player has performed at a high level on a consistent basis. That would be Justin Tucker, the second-year kicker out of Texas. Tucker has made 35 of 38 field goal attempts this season, which included a streak of 33 makes in a row. He missed two against Cleveland in Week 2 and one against New England this past Sunday.

Other than those two games, Tucker's been someone this team has been able to rely on week in and week out, more so than anyone else on either side of the ball.

According to a local media representative, Tucker received 20 votes to earn first-place honors. Inside linebacker Daryl Smith was second with 10 votes.

Flacco was named the recipient of the Good Guy Award for being outspoken and honest with his answers, but also for his accessibility and relationship with the local media.

For Flacco, it was a much closer race, as his 13 votes edged Chris Canty (nine) and James Ihedigbo (eight).