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Ravens likely to play another game in inclement weather


The Ravens will likely play in some bad weather once again Sunday.
The Ravens will likely play in some bad weather once again Sunday.
Jonathan Daniel

There's a chance the Ravens could see Sunday's game get delayed at some point.

With the temperature expected to be in the low 70s, thunderstorms could come along with it. Early Sunday morning, it's been raining quite a bit, meaning the field will certainly be soaked throughout the game. The rain is expected to continue on and off throughout the day.

The Ravens have had quite some adventures in bad weather this year.

The season opened up to a weather delay in Denver as lightning halted the start of the game. The Ravens and the Bears played through horrible conditions involving wind, heavy rain and lightning. That game was delayed for nearly two hours.

A game against the Jets saw the Ravens play in heavy wind that affected both teams' passing games.

And then of course, there was the game against the Vikings, played in snow, sleet and freezing rain. The Ravens have seen just about everything. Getting a game in a dome was a nice break for this team.

But it looks like it'll be a return to wet weather for the Ravens. But with both teams possessing quarterbacks that can throw the ball in anything, it probably won't affect Baltimore or New England's passing game.

It'll just be annoying for the teams more than anything else.