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Justin Tucker owns himself in fantasy football, thanks fantasy owners for sticking with him

In addition to coming up big for his "reality team," Justin Tucker was huge for the fantasy football folks as well Monday night.

Justin Tucker has been one of the most valuable members of the Ravens this season.
Justin Tucker has been one of the most valuable members of the Ravens this season.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Tucker came up big for the Ravens on Monday night.

His six field goals gave the Ravens 18 points and a win, capped by the 61-yarder that will go down in Ravens lore. But the Ravens' second-year kicker is also a fan of the game from afar as it appears he participates in the fake version of football as well.

In a postgame interview with ESPN, Tucker expressed his excitement for not only the Ravens' win, but for his fantasy football team as well.

"My fantasy team is benefiting from it as well," Tucker told ESPN's Lisa Salters. "So I'm happy about that. Fantasy owners around the world, I hope you guys appreciate the points as well."

So it appears that Tucker drafted himself in whichever league he's in.

Of course, Tucker's words were mostly in jest. He cares much more about the Ravens' win than his fantasy team's. In his postgame press conference, Tucker pointed out that getting the win for his "reality team" was obviously more important.

He was making the point that kickers normally don't have those kind of days he had. Given that he made kicks from 29, 24, 32, 49, 53 and 61 yards out, that's a total of 23 fantasy points for those lucky enough to have him on their roster.

With it being fourth-and-8 in the fourth quarter from the Lions' 44-yard line, it looked like the Ravens were going to go for it before John Harbaugh called a timeout. Tucker told reporters after the game that Harbaugh and special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg were talking about whether to attempt a kick or not.

Normally, Tucker wouldn't interject his thoughts. Feeling confident inside a dome and on an artificial surface, Tucker told his head coach, "I got this."

Harbaugh placed the faith in Tucker to go out there and kick the Ravens to victory. He did just that.

"The best part of it is that I didn't have to come back to the sideline feeling like a jerk if I missed it," Tucker said.