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NFL power rankings Week 16: Where should the Ravens rank?

It's your turn to vote where the Ravens deserve to be ranked.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

What a game.

The Ravens got a huge lift from the leg of Justin Tucker, who squeaked in a 61-yard field goal just inside the right upright. It gave the Ravens an 18-16 win over the Lions and kept their division title hopes alive.

The Ravens have now won four games in a row, three of which in nail-biting fashion. Early in the season the Ravens were losing these kind of games. Now they're winning them. That's the December football the Ravens are used to playing.

At 8-6, the Ravens are all of a sudden a team no one wants to face in the postseason. They have a clear special teams advantage with Tucker and a defense that's been able to show up in big games.

Even though it wasn't a pretty win, I'd be willing to bet the Ravens get a little love from the power rankings folks this week.

Now it's your turn. Vote where you think the Ravens deserve to be ranked this week.