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NFL power rankings Week 15: Ravens roundup

Here's where the Ravens rank, according to six selected media outlets.

Larry French

Pro Football Talk: No. 11

The affiliate describes the Ravens' playoff chances as inevitable at this stage of the season.

The Baltimore Sun: No. 12

The local newspaper's Matt Vensel has placed the Ravens back in the top 12, but writing that the lack of a killer instinct has almost cost them more games than they've already lost. No. 12

Brian Billick notes that the Ravens are 4-1 in their past five games while bumping them up to the top 12.

SB Nation: No. 14

SB Nation's Jason Chilton believes the Ravens have a tall order with two of the next three games on the road. No. 14's Pat Kirwan seems to believe the Ravens will need to win all three of their remaining games to get into the playoffs.

ESPN: No. 14

Again with the schedule. ESPN is also on the bandwagon that believes the Ravens' schedule might be too daunting.