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Connect On Twitter, Connect Our Community

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Hello, Baltimore Beatdown. In this age where technology is becoming more and more refined as a whole, information is becoming easier to come by. In fact, most people have it in the palm of their hands via smartphone. The most popular means of information-collection these days, however, is Twitter. It's a live feed of life, essentially. Everything you could ask for; personal happenings, news, sports, humor, whatever; it's all there on Twitter.

What does this have to do with Baltimore Beatdown, you ask? Well when I got the bump to co-manager over the summer I made "connecting the community" as one of my top objectives. The reason this was such an important objective, in my eyes, is because when a community of any sorts (online or in person) is connected it makes the environment as a whole more enjoyable to be a part of.

I have a theory that if everyone on Baltimore Beatdown connects on Twitter, it will contribute to a more tightly-knit community because everyone will be able to take a look into the lives of their fellow members. Also, it will be easier to find information pertaining to our Baltimore Ravens because, as fans, we are constantly tweeting and retweeting about our purple-and-black warriors. I hope you all give it a chance.

So what do you guys say?