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Poll: Are the Ravens a Dirty Team?

A couple Cleveland Browns' players have came out this season accusing two Ravens of doing "dirty" things. Does the community think the Ravens are a dirty team?

Browns' wide receiver Greg Little during the Ravens loss to the Browns last Sunday.
Browns' wide receiver Greg Little during the Ravens loss to the Browns last Sunday.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens have faced off two times this season, splitting the series 1-1. In these games, there have been many arguments and altercations by the players on both sides. There are two particular arguments, though, that stand out from all of the others.

In the first game, Ravens' running back Ray Rice and Browns' defensive lineman Phil Taylor got into an argument after a play. The end result of the argument was a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Taylor after he slapped Rice's helmet.

The defensive lineman defended his actions a few days later, stating that Ray Rice spit on him, forcing him to slap Rice.

"Look at the film," Taylor said. "You'll see."

Well, Mr. Taylor, to this day it is still hard to tell whether or not Rice actually spit on you. Even if you watch the film a billion times, we may never really know if Rice spit on you.

Phil Taylor has not said a word about the incident since, and neither has Rice or any other player on the Ravens.

Unfortunately, this would not be the last time a Ravens' player did something "dirty" to a member of the Browns.

In last Sunday's game between the two teams in Cleveland, another skirmish occurred between Browns' wide receiver Greg Little and Ravens' safety James Ihedigbo.

The two men got into a physical altercation, where they were pushing each other. It eventually went into a pile of players, making it hard to see what happened between the two. The fight ended with Little throwing Ihedigbo's helmet to the sideline, costing his team 15 yards for his first of two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on the day.

According to Little, Ihedigbo began choking him while they were in the pile of people, which is why Little acted the way he did.

Since then, Ihedigbo has denied the accusations, saying this:

"It's kind of unfortunate that this is even being an issue," Ihedigbo said. "It's a divisional game; things get physical and get rowdy. I would never personally cross the lines or play outside of the rules in any manner. You can freeze the clips. I have my hand on his chest. He ripped off my helmet and threw it."

In the cases of both Rice and Ihedigbo, neither have ever done anything "dirty" in their careers.

Since there have been two cases of it in the last two games against the Browns, dirty play by the Ravens is starting to become believable around the league.

We're now going to take it to the community; do you think the Ravens play dirty?