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Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata: 'I can do more'

Ngata believes he should make more plays than he has so far this season.

Haloti Ngata wants to do more on defense to help the unit out late in games.
Haloti Ngata wants to do more on defense to help the unit out late in games.
Larry French

Like any veteran on a struggling player, there's a desire to produce more.

Haloti Ngata isn't any different. Seeing his team at 3-5, Ngata feels he should be responsible for more to get this team on track for a strong second half to the season.

But even he realizes that logic can sometimes backfire.

"I feel like I can do more," Ngata told reporters. "Just because we're losing, I think a lot of guys start looking at themselves [asking], ‘What can I do?' But that can also be a trap, because you don't want to do too much to where you're doing two jobs instead of trying to do your own job. So, I guess for me, I just try to be more dominant in my position instead of trying to do too much."

Ngata moved inside to play nose tackle this season, which has helped free up pressure from the outside linebackers. Ngata has 25 total tackles and 1.5 sacks. At this point a year ago, however, Ngata had 31 total tackles and three sacks.

Now Ngata is playing multiple defensive line positions with the Ravens deciding to release Marcus Spears. Therefore, there could be a notion that Ngata should be producing more, given the contract he signed a couple of years ago.

Ngata's unique in that he possesses so much power and speed for someone his size that he can meet running backs in the trenches, as well as generate pressure in the passing game.

Ngata shouldn't have to feel the need to place more pressure on himself to make plays. All things considered, the defense has done its part. However, given the issues with the offense, there will be more responsibility with the defense to finish games out with stops.

"We're not finishing games," Ngata said. "Last year, we were able to win a lot of those tight games. It's just this year [the] defense is not getting off the field. I think once we can fix some of those minor mistakes and get off the field, then we'll start winning games."