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What the Ravens said after the Cleveland loss

A roundup of what was said in the post-game locker room in Cleveland.

Joe Flacco said he'll remain positive even though the Ravens are sitting at 3-5 right now.
Joe Flacco said he'll remain positive even though the Ravens are sitting at 3-5 right now.
Jason Miller

Here's a roundup of quotes from the Ravens' locker room following the team's 24-18 loss to Cleveland on Sunday, thanks to the Browns' public relations staff:

John Harbaugh, on the running game: "We have to figure that out. We cannot run the ball right now. That's a good front, they did a great job. We felt by spreading them out we would give ourselves a chance to run the ball. For the most part they stayed in a seven man box against the spread look we gave them. We've got to be able to throw against it. We have to be able to make some plays in the passing game. You know we aren't making plays with the run, making enough runs to open up the defense and give us a chance. It's tough to run against that look, I still think we can run against anyone. But that was the story of the game, it was ‘single hot' from them the whole game."

John Harbaugh, on postseason hopes: "It's going to be a challenge, we are 3-5. The math says it's going to be a challenge.  We've got our work cut out for us, we are going to have to win some games. We have to start winning close games. That's the number one thing, what have we won one close game this year? That's the number one thing we need to get done. You do that first of all by not losing the game. You can't put yourself in that position, you can't make the kind of mistakes that create opportunities for your opponent. We've got way too much of that throughout the course of our season."

John Harbaugh, on the defense not stopping Cleveland in the fourth quarter: "That's exactly what I am talking about, we've got to get off the field. We play good defense the whole game, for the most part, we had some mistakes and some errors. But we're good enough to get that stop, and we have to get that stop, and we haven't done it for two or three games in a row."

Joe Flacco, on his interception: "Yeah, it was just a terrible ball. We ran a long route over there and I saw the safety on the right hash, I thought he was eyeing up Torrey (Smith) coming across the field and, yeah, I just threw a [bad pass]. It didn't come out of my hand right or something; it was a really bad ball. I threw it up in the air and it just got caught up there and didn't do anything. It probably wasn't a great decision anyway."

Joe Flacco, on being 3-5: "Well it's not easy on Sundays when you're going out there and it's tough sledding and you're not getting the job done. Having said that, you get back to work, put your head down, and look forward to the next one. You've got to be positive, you have to keep your head and your eyes forward and that's what we're going to do. You have to stare it right in the face and just meet it. It's obviously a little frustrating on Sundays and we just have to continue to work. Like I said earlier in the week, we just have to play well on Sunday."

Marlon Brown, on if the NFL game is slowing down for him: "Oh yeah for sure. Probably everyday in practice I just see myself getting better at just one thing everyday. I always go out there and try and get better at one thing everyday. If I just keep doing that, the sky is the limit from there."

A.Q. Shipley, on frustrations with the run game: "Yes, absolutely. As an offensive lineman, you want to run the ball. I know at one time we only had 48 yards rushing. We were throwing the ball an awful lot. I know that was one thing we were trying to take advantage of with man to man coverage on the outside, trying to get our guys one on one."

Art Jones, on not stopping Cleveland on fourth-and-1: "We need to stop the offense and get in good field position. Hat's off to them. They had a great play call. Campbell scrambled out, which he usually doesn't do to that side, and made a big play. We have a long way to go. We will get ready for next week."

Corey Graham, on the secondary's communication issues: "Yeah, I mean we just have to play better. It's real simple. We have to make more plays than we are making right now. Those guys went out there and made a lot of plays. The receivers made plays for the quarterback. It just sucks right now. It's tough."

Daryl Smith, on defending QB Jason Campbell: "We knew coming in what his running capabilities were. We just had to get after him the best way we could. He made a lot of plays and was buying some time when we came on blitzes. When you buy time like that, we can't cover all day."