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Projecting the Ravens statistics through the rest of the season

What are each of the Ravens projected to do based on their output thus far?

Joe Flacco is on pace for his first 4,000-yard NFL season.
Joe Flacco is on pace for his first 4,000-yard NFL season.
Harry How

There's some time before Sunday's game against the Browns, since it starts at 4:25, so let's have some fun.

Here's what the Ravens are projected to do statistically based on what they've accomplished thus far. Essentially, the formula is simple: You take what the player has done, divide it by the number of games played (seven if they've been active for each week) and then multiply that by the number of games remaining (nine). If a player has missed a game, the games played becomes a different total.

That becomes the projected output. Here are the results:

QB Joe Flacco: Flacco's on pace for 4,382 yards, 18 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. Of course, the interception totals could dip. He did have a five-interception outing against Buffalo which skews the numbers a bit.

RB Ray Rice: This is mind-bogglingly troublesome. Rice is on pace for 605 rushing yards and 171 receiving yards. He's projected to record five (4.5, rounded up) more touchdowns through the remainder of the season. If his output stays pat, his numbers will easily become the worst since his rookie season.

RB Bernard Pierce: Pierce is in similar shape to Rice. He's on pace for 501 rushing yards and five touchdowns. No bueno.

WR Torrey Smith: Smith is projected to end the year with his first 1,000-yard season and then some. If his production continues at this rate, he'll be on track for 1,438 yards. However, he only has one touchdown through seven games, meaning he'd be on pace for just one touchdown over the final nine (1.2 for those that don't think the math makes sense.)

WR Marlon Brown: Brown is on pace for 608 receiving yards and eight touchdowns. Who would've thought he could possibly be on track for those kind of numbers after he went undrafted last year? Of course, he could wind up with a lower total with Jacoby Jones near 100 percent again.

WR Jacoby Jones: In three games, Jones has has recorded just 98 yards and one touchdown. This puts him on a pace for just 392 yards and four touchdowns.

WR Tandon Doss: Doss is pacing himself for a season with 598 yards. He's yet to record a touchdown so there's no data to project an average touchdown output over the next nine games.

TE Dallas Clark: Clark is projected to finish with 606 yards and five touchdowns. Not bad for someone deemed washed up. Of course, his numbers will probably go down when Dennis Pitta returns.

OLB Terrell Suggs: Can Suggs keep the sacks at this pace? As of now, Suggs is on track for 18 sacks and 121 total tackles.

ILB Daryl Smith: Smith is projected to end the year with 142 total tackles and three sacks. He's also on track for 18 pass deflections and five interceptions.

OLB Elvis Dumervil: Dumervil is projected for 12.5 sacks and 80 total tackles.