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Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones: 'I still should have scored'

Jacoby Jones didn't fault Steelers coach Mike Tomlin for the controversial play.

Patrick Smith

It would have been easy for Jacoby Jones to rant about Steelers coach Mike Tomlin stepping onto the football field, forcing him to weave slightly to the right to avoid him and break his stride on what might've been a kick return for a touchdown.

But Jones took the high road following the game, cracking jokes and acting like the play didn't bother him that much, compared to the reactions we all saw across the social media landscape.

Here's what Jones had to say following the game, courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens public relations department:

On what he saw coming down the sideline involving Steelers coach Mike Tomlin: "The same thing you saw. Once I broke, until I hit the hole, I'm running outside, I'm looking; I promise you, I'm looking at him the whole time. I'm like, ‘Does he know he's on the field?'  I'm running, I'm looking at him, and as I get close I'm like, "Is he going to move?' I just weaved to get out of the way. It broke my stride a little bit, which I still shouldn't have got caught. It is what it is, but [they] made the tackle. If I was him, I'd do the same thing."

On if it cost him a TD: "Did it? I don't like to blame other people for the actions. I still should have scored. I should have broke the tackle or something. As long as we got the W, I'm fine. That's all that matters."

On if Tomlin said anything to him: "No, not at all."

On if he saw that it seemed like Tomlin's right foot was on the field of play: "Before I got to him, he was halfway on the field. He gave me a little juke, and I tried to juke him. It is what it is."

On how weird that is and if that speaks to the integrity of the game: "You can't just say that because It's so many times you're on the sideline where you all will be standing close to the field and you see us breaking our neck to get back when the ball comes our way, you know? So I can't just put it on that, but it happens, I guess."

The rule says you're not even supposed to be on the white stripe, where Tomlin was standing: "No, he was on the field."

On if he heard about the Jason Kidd incident in the NBA where he spilled soda on the court: "Hey, man, coaches are smart nowadays. You've got to do what you've got to do. It's hard to get a win out here on these streets."

On what's been the biggest difference for him the past few weeks: "I'm getting back to myself physically, health-wise. I'm starting to get my bounce back, and I'm just getting back into rhythm with Joe [Flacco] again, and...all that sync's coming in. I'm just getting back to myself, where I was Week 1, had to do all that again. I'm feeling good again."