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Ravens-Steelers: The Mike Tomlin play

Ravens fans will never let Steelers coach Mike Tomlin live this one down.

Rob Carr

Ravens fans weren't fond of Mike Tomlin to begin with.

After what transpired on Sunday, Tomlin might have entered another stratosphere of being among the most hated in Charm City. During a 73-yard kickoff return from Jacoby Jones, Tomlin was noticeably close to the sideline. Jones, worried about running into Tomlin, weaved to his right.

Perhaps it slowed him down. Maybe it didn't. Either way, Cortez Allen was able to catch up with Jones and tackle him at the Pittsburgh 27-yard line. Baltimore finished the drive with a field goal instead of a touchdown.

Take a look at the play:


(via NBC and Deadspin)

The Ravens fans let Tomlin have it with some loud boos once the play was viewed on the Jumbotron. Tomlin himself was then caught cracking a smile.

You know that old saying right? If you truly believe Tomlin was accidentally that close to the sideline then I have some beachfront property in Idaho to sell you.

It'll be a hard sell for Tomlin when the NFL contacts him this week and asks why he was watching an ever-important play with his back turned the other way.

Ravens fans won't let this one go, either. It would have been worse if the Ravens lost.

With the Ravens winning, it's merely a footnote in terms of the outcome. But one that could further ignite fuel to an already hate-filled rivalry.