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NFL power rankings Week 13: Where should the Ravens rank?

At 5-6, the Ravens are still in the postseason race.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens notched a huge win in impressive fashion against the Jets on Sunday.

Granted, the Jets offense has sputtered over the past two weeks, the Ravens limited the Jets to a field goal in a 19-3 win. Baltimore's record improved to 5-6, with a mediocre AFC helping matters in the postseason race.

The Ravens are the kind of team that will have ups and downs in the regular season. But they're exactly the kind of team others fear in the postseason. John Harbaugh has proven over the past five years that anything can happen once his team is in the playoffs.

And say what you want about Joe Flacco, but he's proven to be a winner when it matters most, too.

We'll see what the analysts have to say about the Ravens later in the afternoon. But for now, it's your chance to vote.

Where should the Ravens rank this week?