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Ravens get Jacoby Jones involved, has best game of his season

Jones caught four passes for 103 yards and a touchdown in Sunday's win.

Jacoby Jones had 103 yards and a touchdown against the Jets.
Jacoby Jones had 103 yards and a touchdown against the Jets.
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Baltimore Beatdown's Kris Jones wrote that the Ravens needed to find a way to get Jacoby Jones involved on offense, given his salary and the penchant for being a big-play receiver.

His words became borderline prophecy.

Jones finished with his best game of the season, recording four catches for 103 yards and a touchdown in Sunday's 19-3 win over the Jets. Jones dealt with a knee injury suffered in the season-opener and hadn't been able to get on track since returning.

Against the Jets, Jones broke out in a big way, hauling in a 66-yard touchdown late int he third quarter to essentially put the game away. He burned former Ravens safety Ed Reed for the score.

"It's the rhythm of the game, the timing," Jones told reporters after the game. "Sometimes, we'll be in a certain part of the game where what they're giving is what [we'll] take. And we try to connect, and it will be off, and the rhythm and timing will be off. But today we were on point. The same thing in practice. We were on point in practice, and it carried over to the game."

All season, the Ravens haven't found a deep threat other than Torrey Smith, who finished Sunday's game with two catches for 74 yards. Getting Jones involved in the deep passing game should serve the Ravens well now that they're in the final stretch of the postseason hunt.

Jones is a threat on the outside with his speed and 6-3 frame. This kind of game should give Jones, and the offense as a whole, a great deal of confidence moving forward.

"I'd say that the offense, as a whole, that we worked together today," Jones said. "Running game did well; pass protection [did] well; we threw the ball, caught the ball well, even through the conditions, how the wind was, Joe still threw that thing and cut the wind."