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NFL power rankings Week 12: Ravens roundup

Here's how the media views the Ravens entering Week 12.

Jonathan Daniel

SB Nation: No. 13

SB Nation still has plenty of faith in the Ravens compared to some of the other outlets out there. With four remaining home games, Jason Chilton believes Baltimore can finish strong. No. 15

Though they can't score points, Pat Kirwan commended the Ravens for finally being able to run the ball this past week.

ESPN: No. 20

ESPN notes that Ray Rice's 47-yard run was more than the total number of yards he had in each of the seven previous games he's played in this season.

FOX Sports: No. 23

Brian Billick writes that Joe Flacco needs to get going for this team to make a run at the postseason.

Pro Football Talk: No. 25

The site quips that the Ravens should consider replacing Jim Caldwell with Cam Cameron this December. Wamp waaammpp.

Baltimore Sun: NR

At 4-6, there's not a chance the Ravens would crack Matt Vensel's top 12 this week.